Monday, August 15

What Israeli Reserve Duty Maneuvers Are Really Like

Author's view from the driver's seat... (Photo: Dave Bender. All Rights Reserved)

I wrote this almost a decade ago, and still think it resonates. Comments (constructive, mind you...) welcome.
"Soaked to the skin despite a two-piece rain slicker, I try to pilot my open, windshield-less jeep through the downpour, stiff winds, and lowering clouds. With helmet and oversized driving goggles, I feel like Snoopy taking on the Red Baron - minus the doghouse.

"A recent call-up notice from my army unit once again invited me to join up with brothers - in - arms for exercises somewhere among the dramatic wadis in the sprawling southern Negev Desert.

"I was asked to drop everything I was doing at the moment, pick up an oily rifle and a heavy tan duffle bag, and spend some quality time practicing for the big one."
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My Kinda' Bloodthirsty Israeli Killing Machine!

At the :25 mark: "No More War. No More Bloodshed" (Quoting late Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin)
"His name is Dror Gomel, he’s 36 years old, has three children, lives in Kibbutz Beit Kama in the Negev, has a degree in special education, and has been drumming since he can remember.

"'I play on anything. Everywhere I go, I immediately start drumming,' says Gomel, and his fellow infantry reservists can testify."

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