Tuesday, October 5

Western Wall at Night ( Exclusive Panorama Photo)

Western Wall Plaza. Dave Bender (All Rights Reserved)
Click on photo for larger panorama.

"Folded notes of prayers, blessings and personal requests to the Almighty, pressed into the crevices of the Western Wall in Jerusalem's Old City. What happens when all the cracks between the Herodian -era stones are filled?

The answer is here:

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Jeff Beck Rocks Tel Aviv


"A Day in the Life"

From Ha'aretz (which - of course - must politicize everything, ideally, to Israel's detriment):
"Beck is one of a few high-profile foreign stars who have ignored calls to boycott Israel as part of a campaign that has seen a series of acts pull the plug on plans to tour the country.
Several pro-Palestinian groups had urged Beck, who first found fame with The Yardbirds in the 1960s, to scrap the show.
“We’ve chosen to rehearse in Israel and settle there for a few days, rather than rehearse in England and get off the plane – we want to acclimatize ourselves,” Beck was quoted as saying by website Israel 21C ahead of the tour, apparently unaware of the significance of the term 'settle' in regional politics."


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