Tuesday, October 6

Hey! I Got Mail! (Israeli Martial Arts Video)

One of the biggest comment draws on my YouTube video collection page is a clip, which I titled: "Hebrew Hammer Meets His Match."

It's about a group of religious martial arts aficionados practicing, "Abir," apparently a Yemenite take on the well-known "Krav Maga" fighting style.

There are many, and mostly fascinating comments about the video by those in the know about martial arts, all discussing - some arguing - over fine points of technique, what's similar or different from other styles and schools, and so forth. I often join in, and it's fun and informative as you can read there... and then there's the hate mail:

"AliHolland87 heeft een reactie geplaatst op 'Hebrew Hammer' meets his match:

'Death) the Zionist entity, we will kill you all"
I get these sort pretty often, usually after violent events between Israelis and their neighbors.

Most are frighteningly imbecilic, some just frightening, a few nauseating, and then there are the ones like this: Just plain murderous. Just to remind me about other kinds of martial fan clubs.

It's good though, in a twisted way: it reminds me what we're all up against, and to be alert. The wave is coming this way.


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