Tuesday, September 29

Elvis Spotting: Israel - 'Blue Suede Jews' (multimedia)

"Memphis has Graceland. Vegas has impersonators. And Israel - yes, Israel - has the Elvis Inn, a bizarre desert Mecca for Middle East Elvis enthusiasts. It's the Holy Land, people, and the King has risen."

'The King in the Holyland' (Dave Bender, All Rights Reserved)
Click on the photo for more images from the series, "Blue Suede Jews," that accompanies an article I wrote for the (late, great) "Atlanta Jewish Life" magazine. A link to the full article, and entertaining video clip segments appear on my website: www.davebrianbender.com.

Exclusive Photos and Gifts From Israel!

David's Tower, Jerusalem. Dave Bender: All Rights Reserved

Photographs and related images of Israel:
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(Photography) Succot: Scenes from Jerusalem's Famous Open-Air Market

Readying for Succot: I shot these images of devout Jews searching for the best etrog (citron for my "covenentally-challenged" pals) at a stall across from Jerusalem's famous Mahane Yehuda open-air market. More photos are on my website photo page, accessible via the home page. All photos copyright: Dave Bender.

(Copyright: Dave Bender)

(Copyright: Dave Bender)

(Copyright: Dave Bender)

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(Video) When Media Attack: ...'It's Always The Joos!'



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