Monday, July 27

Damning video expose': Israelis Set Up 13 Settlements 'Overnight'

Click the photo for the backstory about the weary members of a similar, struggling desert settlement. (H-T: Ritchie)

In a startling 'facts-on-the-ground' rebuke to the US Administration, Israeli settlers erect over a dozen rural communities, in defiance of world opinion... 1938.

(Only now they're called "kibbutzim" - expansive rural collective farms, that are internationally lauded as exemplary centerpieces of Israel's agricultural, industrial and social prowess).

Many of the kibbutz movement leaders' and a host of others, now decry their modern day counterparts, in what is hard to see but as a breathtaking display of hutzpa.

Oh, and there's a classic movie bit of flipping pages of "The Palestine Post" as it comes off the printing press: that's what's known today as The Jerusalem Post. Like the British Army's middle east unit during World War II, commonly known as the "Palestine Brigade." Made up of - better sit down for this revelation - Jews, and not today's putative Palestinians. Draw your own conclusions. Jes' sayin...

Sorry - no embed code, so go watch it here.

Full disclosure: I was a member of such a foolhardy, against-the-grain political settlement years ago, greening the inhospitable, stony desert. Nowadays, guess that makes me (the guy on the left in the photo up there) and my bleary-eyed cohorts veteran settlers, now, too.

And a helluva' party it was, too...

(H-T: EoZ)

'Tisha B'av' & Beating the Odds (video)

...not a new video, but just some salient, extremely well-parsed thoughts by Israel's ambassador to the United States, New Jersey-born and raised Dr. Michael Oren. Appropriately enough, he's weighing intertwined and contrasting Diaspora Jewish and Israeli fates, leading up through the "Nine Days," and culminating in the Tisha B'av fast this Wednesday/Thursday. Worth watching:


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