Tuesday, April 14

Israeli 'Southpark' + Terrorists = Toxic Hilarity Ensues

From YnetNews:
"'Ahmed and Salim,' a provocative, humoristic animated web series created by two Israelis describes the life of two brothers whose father is an arch terrorist. Highly popular series also shocks many surfers."
After watching just one episode, "shocks," is putting it very mildly... what's more, boast the animators: "We don't care if people are offended."

Wonder if that uber-hip, devil-may-care, f-ck conventions attitude includes Israeli victims of terrorism - not to mention the animators' families and friends. Just a curmudgeonly thought from one's who's seen enough real terror, up close and personal.

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, if you have a strong stomach.

Passover Ends: '...and the Traffic Coming Home? Fuggedaboudit!'

This holiday eve marks the seventh night of the week-long Passover festival. Gotta' love a site that sports a Moses looking like this:

Hopefully this is what Jews worldwide will have to look forward to, driving home tomorrow night. No, no - not to our present ones, outside of Israel:

The aforementioned Moses, having grown a few inches and wearing his Red Sea togs, can been seen, aka, "Where's Waldo," in the lower left-hand corner. The writing on the back of the truck says, "Moses Transports," and the road sign graphic shows a vehicle between two parted waves. Gotta' love Photoshop...

And Disney, for the Cliff's Notes:

And for those so inclined, (yeah, as in leaning during the Seder; haha, funny but pretty lame-o pun, huh?), Nefesh B'Nefesh has a great offer:

And yes - getting serious for a moment - I'm seriously considering taking them up on it, after residing here in the "Land of The Round Doorknobs," for over two years in what I refer to as an "etnachta..."

In "Why Would you Live Here?" Veteran American immigrant to Israel, Jewish commentator and author, Daniel Gordis, helps explain why:
"So there we are, sitting at the Shabbat lunch table, guests of friends we hadn’t seen in far too long. We were three couples, all of us immigrants, each with kids, ranging from 22 (with a boyfriend) to 4 (without a boyfriend). And another couple, parents of our hosts, visiting from the States, both of them well known and highly regarded academics. Sometime in the middle of lunch, the mother of the hostess, whose academic interest is “identity,” asks us all, without even a hint of irony or condescension, 'Can you please explain to me why you would choose to live here? What got you to leave what you had and come here?'"

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(Photo H-T: Muqata)

This Just In: Jews Behind Somali Piracy

No, really. Who knew? A "jewish lake?!" Like over Passover in the Catskills way back when? Wondering minds want to know...
"Analysts are openly accusing Israel of sponsoring piracy off Somalia waters with the aim of transforming Red Sea into a Jewish lake. The immediate objective of USA, Israel and European countries is to prevent the inflow of arms to Islamist Al-Shabab that is on the verge of snatching power in Somalia and to steal Arab oil. Sea piracy has been blown up into a big threat to oil supplies to the west, Japan, China and others in order to internationalize the issue.

"Internationalization of security in Red Sea is being done under the pretext of fighting piracy to safeguard critical seal lanes and choke point of Suez Canal with the help of a combined multi-national naval force.

"Sooner than later, Israel would be asked to take control of this flotilla..."
I dunno', I hear the dolphins got there first...

More lunacy here.

Damn, but we're good at this world domination stuff. Now where's my Zionist World Domination check?

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The Temptations sing: 'Fiddler on the Roof'

Now this is Hazzanut!

Yeah, I also thought it was a bait-and-switch joke when I saw the link, but - here tis'. Turn up the speakers:

I've heard of internet mashups, but this, this is from the 1960's! Wild. Just wish there was video of their moves as they sang...

...and here is the video is all it's 1960's shaky, blurry RCA CraptoVision glory, as Diana Ross intros the group. The embed is disabled, but you can watch it there.

(H-T:, Sina, Random Thoughts)


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