Wednesday, January 21

'Our Neighbor and Why We Have to Kill Him'

Read this story, all of it. And then maybe understand what we're up against:

Our neighbor lives in the house in which our grandfather used to live. He claims he bought the first part of the house from a Turki, and later the second part from a British bank, but that doesn’t make the sale any less illegal: my family lived in that house for hundreds of years and we don’t accept the documents of sale. Now he’s living there. He is the son of monkeys and pigs.

The problem is that he’s not just brazen, he’s also strong, although he is a tiny guy.

The whole neighborhood hates him. He’s a thief and possessed by the devil. But he seems to be able to beat everyone. We tried to force him out of the house together, but it didn’t work. He has bulletproof windows, and the roof is made of inflammable material.

All we think about is him. Our own home is in ruins because all our efforts, all our money and ideas and energy are devoted solely to destroying our neighbor’s house. We’re utterly convinced that we will be perfectly happy just as soon as we’ve killed him and his house is a heap of smoking rubble. We live for one thing only: our neighbor’s demise. It’s a noble ambition for which we’re all willing to die.

Must reading.

(H-T: Treppenwitz)

'The Children's Brigade' (original music video)

Sandy Cash is a stunningly talented singer and songwriter, and a veteran mainstay of Israel's English-speaking folk music scene (and a very active scene it is, too).

Detroit-born and raised, she's also an old jamming friend, and it's wonderful to hear her clear and powerful voice after too many years.

This is the first time I can remember her tackling as horrific an issue as Palestinian child abuse - otherwise known as inculcating tots through teens to love and seek death, ideally via a suicide bombing or attack against Israelis. She writes:
"Palestinian society is raising its children on a steady diet of hate, and teaching them that the total destruction of Israel is imminent. This song is a lesson in the most intractable challenge of the 'peace process.'"
"The Children's Brigade"

This is a video that deserves to be forwarded far and wide.


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