Monday, January 12

Hamas School, Petting Zoo Snuff Porn (Graphic Videos - updated)

Ok. Now alla'you'se sick, twisted freaks that got off on that title can shove off back under the rock.

All the rest: watch the two following videos and let's have a show of hands if you -- by this point -- are still unable to wrap your heads around the idea, that yes, Hamas has, does, and will inculcate and murder Palestinian children and even cute furry animals, just to win a PR victory over the Jews:

IDF unit discovers school and petting zoo wrapped with primacord fuzing, ready to blow. (update: the wires were connected to - sit down for this one - 200 kilograms of explosives)

Film clip from Palestine Media Watch showing -- as far back as 2002, long before the current fighting -- official Palestinian Authority TV was spoon feeding toxic martyrdom messages to children and toddlers. (Personal note: I worked with PMW at the time this video was produced, and can personally attest to the scruplous measures taken by the translators to ensure the accuracy and correct nuance of the Palestinian-dialect Arabic)

Official PATV clip. (Personal note II: Now, just for comparison and for the record, my kids, who have been taught in the standard officials Israel religious state school system have never been taught anything remotely like this. When I go to PTA meetings, the feltboards and display cases are filled with the usual stuff we all grew up with, worshiping life, joy, learning and peace).

Makes you want to go wash your eyes out, and knock back a stiff drink just to lose this memory, huh?


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