Monday, October 22

Acco: Jumping for joy (Original photography)

Acco: Jumping For Joy. (Dave Bender)

Acco youth jumping into the sea at the end of a hot summer's day. He wasn't hurt by the razor-sharp barnacles, and stones of the wash. I b&w'ed the rocks in the background, in order to bring the kid to the forefront.

Click here for another image from this series.

Jaffa: barring 'The Real Thing'

Barring 'The Real Thing.' Click on the image for a close-up, hi-rez version. (Dave Bender)

A decaying window, on a lane facing the Mediterranean sea, near the old port of Jaffa. Now at ground level, close up, it looks as though the street was once lower, and it offered its once-upon-a-time residents a pleasant view of the sunset.

More recent Jaffa news, you ask? Oh, ok:
Vandals spray anti-meat graffiti on McDonalds in Jaffa


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