Friday, October 19

Iran's Khamenei to US: 'Join the unfree world'

He he he:
In a speech that condemned the upcoming U.S.-sponsored Middle East peace conference, Iran’s Supreme Leader today called on the United Nations to impose sanctions on the United States aimed at “bringing the U.S. into the global community of unfree nations.”

“The people of the United States have lived under iron-fist of liberty for too long,” said Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, whose word is law in Iran. “We believe that deep in the human soul dwells a universal desire to submit to a more powerful person whom one can revere with quiet obedience. Americans have had to squelch this yearning for more than two centuries.”

Mr. Khamenei told a cheering Iranian crowd, “No people can long endure the shackles of a democratic regime, without finally breaking those chains and taking their place among uncivilized nations that have wisely advanced only so far as they ought.”

“With proper encouragement from the United Nations,” he added, “the American people will soon throw off the yoke of freedom, and breathe the fresh air of subservience along with their millions of brethren in the Muslim world.”

Spot the differences:
Ahmadinejad and the Iranian Supremes
Diana Ross and the Supremes
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Debka dancing on the edge (original photography)

No, not that Debka... but this one:

'Dancing On The Edge' (Dave Bender)

A shot of two Israeli Arab youths from Acco, near Haifa, as they alternate diving into the waters off of the Crusader-era ruins, adjacent to the walled Old City. Their poses as they gingerly stepped across the rocks reminded me of a sort of "dance frieze."

Originally a color shot, I am trying to shorten the b&w learning curve (btw - via a stunning stills/video photog site: Radiant Vista), and this is an early try. Some Photoshopping, to bring out the clouds, and tonal "oomph" that b&w does so well. Comments, critique (and cash) are all welcomed.

Heart-to-heart between Israel, Palestinians

Heartwarming, no?
Two Palestinian children in need of complex, life-saving heart surgery will be operated on by an international team of experts during a live broadcast surgery at an upcoming international medical seminar in Israel.

World-renowned medical professionals will meet in Israel next week to share and debate leading research and techniques in adult and pediatric cardiothoracic surgery and cardiology, as part of the Second Sami and Angela Shamoon Medical Seminar held at the Edith Wolfson Medical Center.

The seminar will take place from October 21st – 22nd, 2007 and will bring together distinguished medical professionals from the US, Canada, UK, China, Germany and the Netherlands.
The conference will also unite Israeli and Palestinian doctors through the Save A Child's Heart, 'Heart of the Matter' program sponsored by the European Union, where 15 Palestinian doctors from the West Bank and Gaza are expected to participate in the conference. Read the rest.

President Shimon Peres expressed regret on Thursday that innocent Palestinians were being subjected to any form of maltreatment by Israel, but he added that over the past three weeks, six potential suicide bombers had been apprehended as they tried to enter Israel with explosives... Peres outlined his vision of the proposal for an industrial zone peace village that is supported by the Israeli, Jordanian and Palestinian leadership and said the Japanese were giving $100 million and the Germans $30m. toward the project.
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'Picturing Israel' in orange

Another in a series of stunning images from Israel:
A date with a dream


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