Thursday, September 6

Heads-up: Syria 'retains right to respond' to Israeli overflight (updated)


Syrian Information Minister Mohsen Bilal:
"Syria retains the right to determine the quality, type, and nature of our response to the Israeli attack," he told Al-Jazeera television. "The Syrian leadership is seriously considering its response."
From Haaretz:
The Syrian army said Thursday that its air defenses fired on an Israel Air Force warplane that entered Syria airspace and "dropped ammunition," the country's official news agency reported.

The Israel Defense Forces had no immediate comment, saying it would look into the report.

"We have no knowledge of anything like this. We will get back to you," an IDF spokeswoman said by telephone from Tel Aviv.

Syrian air defenses fired at the incoming plane, which crossed into Syria after midnight local time, the agency said.
Migh-ty laconic reply there, spokeswoman, considering the tensions over the last few months... umm, or perhaps not.

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Israel sending trees to reforest ancient Olympus

From AFP:

Israel to Send 10,000 Trees to Reforest Ancient Olympia in Greece

The Greek Olympic Committee said Wednesday it had accepted an offer from Israel for experts and 10,000 trees to help repair damage caused by fires on Olympia, the birthplace of the ancient Olympic Games.

Considering political, not to mention religious and historic (ya' know... Hanukkah, etc) Israel-Greek relations, this is interesting news.

The most recent backstory is here.

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