Wednesday, December 27

Only in Jerusalem: snow, a shofar & 'suspicious objects' (Exclusive video, pics)

Downtown Jerusalem's Ben-Yehuda pedestrian mall is usually a pretty dreary place on a freezing, wet winter afternoon. That is, until the snow starts...

First thing this gift-shopkeeper did was to pull out a ram's horn shofar and wail to the skies over the surprising snowfall.

Dozens of pedestrians looked like they all suddenly got contagious nearsightedness, as they held out cellphone cameras, angling for that blurry, shaky shot...

Bus transport security personnel were also out, very alert - and very drenched - in the sleety snowfall. So alert, in fact, that a backpack forgotten alongside a bus-stop bench had the police bomb squad was there within moments.

Working quickly in the blowing snow and rain, the officer got into his gear, and inspected the bag (faces of all security personnel blurred intentionally).

Traffic snarls throughout the city were added to by the security scare, as buses crammed with passengers lined up along the street.
A bus security guard, meanwhile, kept the crowds at a safe distance. After a fast check, passersby got the all-clear.

(The Peanuts "Snow Dance" did the trick, apparently)

Keshertalk has more pics of the white stuff.

Here at home in Jerusalem's southern Gilo neighborhood, atop a hill overlooking the city, it's snowing like crazy. I will add more pics in a post further up, as the night, and snow, deepens. Until then, go here to see just how high up Gilo is (and me too, actually), in relation to the rest of Jerusalem.

The U.N., cow farts and how to tell them apart

James Lileks. My hero:
In another display of pitch-perfect priorities, the U.N. has released its findings on cow flatulence. There's quite a lot of it.

The 400-page study, $27 million of which probably went to Saddam Hussein for old times' sake, discovered that the planet's livestock, including 1.5 billion cattle, produce 18 percent of greenhouse gases. Apparently the beasts of the field do nothing but wander around all day asking their brethren to "pull my hoof."

Every time a cow feels a small sense of relief, a polar bear goes through the ice.

Read the rest. Just make sure you set down the hot coffee, or cover the keyboard and computer screen first.

The Peanuts snow dance for a white Jerusalem

Just something sweet - and perfectly timed to the music, you'll note - to either warm up a freezing Jerusalem day (no - no snow... yet), or bring on the white stuff.

Thanks for joining us. And now we return to our regularly-scheduled Peanuts mideast mayhem...

JerusalemOnline news update: Dec. 27th (Video - Channel 2 TV)


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