Tuesday, December 19

'Nicely done, Mr. Chamberlain!'

From Ynetnews:

The law firm at which former US Secretary of State James Baker is a senior partner used an Israeli middleman to bypass US sanctions on Iraq and push through a multimillion-dollar collection effort involving the regime of Saddam Hussein, according to an Israeli businessman who said he mediated the deal.

Nir Gouaz, president of Caesar Global Securities in Israel, told WND that Baker's firm, Houston-based Baker Botts, made about USD 30 million collecting funds owed to a South Korean company by the Iraqi government at the peak of American sanctions imposed against Baghdad.

"As a citizen of Israel I cannot just sit by and watch the hypocrisy being spewed by Baker," said Gouaz. "If Baker was still a private citizen I could keep his business dealings private, but now he is involved in diplomacy that sells out Israel. People need to understand he is acting out of economic considerations."

The Iraq Study Group report (Note: .pdf file download)

Hannuka in Jerusalem's Old City (Exclusive photos)

Supplications to God jammed in the crevices
of the Western Wall (Photo: Dave Bender)

Took a stroll down to the Old City last night, and made my way through the alleyways down to the Western Wall plaza, photographing all the way.

More photos after the jump. Comments and critique are welcome.

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