Tuesday, November 21

Lebanese blogosphere outraged over Gemayel hit

The Daily Star:
Prominent Christian politician Pierre Gemayel was assassinated in a suburb of Beirut on Tuesday his death will heighten the political tension in Lebanon, where Hezbollah has threatened to topple the government if it does not get a bigger say in Cabinet decision making. Full Story

International reactions.

And here's a quick roundup of what appear to be decent Lebanese bloggers - local and expat - covering the Pierre Gemayel assassination, and possible ramifications for our neighbor to the north:

Lebanon Blogs:
Gunmen opened fire Tuesday on the office of a minister of state, his office announced, just hours after the assassination of anti-Syrian minister Pierre Gemayel.

(...)I don't want Lebanon sliding back towards Syria and Ahmedinijad. I know things are more complex than that, but it seems like a watershed moment, and I made my choice. Call me zionist, call me neo-con, call me self-hating Arab. You know that that is false. If Syria is back in Lebanon I will do everything in my power to eject them again. Sorry.

Beirut Spring:
All terrorist attacks that took place after the Syrians withdrew last year have targeted Christian areas and Christian leaders only, why?

Simply put, the intended aim of Syria is to repeat history, where Lebanese Christians, fragile in the context of an Islamic neighborhood, have asked them in the past to come to Lebanon to protect them. But the Lebanese Christians have now matured and are no longer falling for that gambit...

There are odd parallels between the actions of Hamas and Hezbollah.
Both organizations claim Israel as their target, yet much of their actions in 2006 have been aimed at opposing their countrymen...
The March 14 movement can lie to itself and continue to pretend that the Lebanese have something in common with those lowlife. It always amuses me when Nasrallah calls for a 'national' government. Assuming that there is a national entity in Lebanon, the first thing a national government would do is to exclude HA ministers.

The Thinking Leb:
And for good measure...

...gunmen have just opened fire on the office of March 14th Cabinet Member Michel Pharaon.

It is happening gentlemen.

New Arab video clip site: dissin' da hijab...

Ikbis is a new Arab video clip site aiming for the English-speaking, but Arabic-based culture market.

Lebanese blogger Beirut Spring, (Wiki) who posted about it, asks a reasonable question:
You might be asking: "Does the world really need another Youtube?"

For a start, the website has just launched and it's a chance for instant fame. A Lebanese girl has already shot herself dancing in her room and sent it, sparking the curiosity of hundreds of viewers.

Do I hear competition brewing for "Tasha & Dishka?" Yalla, Sulha!

And going by the initial batch of uploaded clips, they sure ain't planning on YouTube-type segs calling for war on the Zionazi infidels, and Iraqi snuff clips. Well, at least not yet:


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