Thursday, November 16

Israel's wildly successful YouTube dance duo do it again! (video)

Remember those two women who had a monster YouTube video of them lip-synching a Pixies song?
With a single three-minute dance video, two young Israeli women accomplished what the country's public relations officials have been after for decades - gaining an audience of 10 million adoring viewers.

With the help of YouTube, a Web site that allows people to watch and share videos for free, Lital "Tasha" Mizel and Adi "Dishka" Frimmerman have made their lip-synching interpretation of rock group The Pixies "Hey" the fourth most popular video of all time, with 9,993,604 viewers to date.

Well, get on your dancin' shoes, 'cause, they're back! From their video page:
Me and Dishka created, edited and danced to the
cute song from the 60's "Do you love me" by "The Contours"
and the song: Dr. Demento - Funny Farm "They're Coming To Take Me Away."

e were inspired by "American Apparel" cool clothes!

(HT: Omri)

EXPOSED: Borat, Ahmadin-what's-his-name are imposters!

Boy, are our faces red!
Looking back, we can only laugh at our unblinking acceptance of Ahmadinejad, an "Islamist hard-liner" dressed like a Turkish used car salesman, who called to wipe Israel off the map or move it to Alaska, demanded a manual recount of Holocaust victims, and banned all Western music.

The hoaxers' identities were uncovered last week when both Misha and Sacha had been picked up by New York City police while on a dinking spree in Chelsea, after a local man complained about a pair of deranged Middle Easterners harassing passers-by with demands of clean prostitutes and an immediate annihilation of Israel. The arresting officer recognized both the "Iranian President" and the "Kazakhstani journalist," and within minutes sold the story to the New York Post.

Post with utterly no redeeming Jewish, Israeli, or Palestinian value...

Sometimes at night, scientists stare out at the vast universe, and they wonder what’s out there. They wonder if it’s wondering about us. They wonder if whatever's out there is, at that very moment, looking down and marveling at the Great Wall of China or the glimmering lights of our magnificent cities. Or the giant faces of our fast-food mascots.

After many months of secrecy and hiding enormous tiles behind its back whenever anyone walked in the room, KFC revealed an 87,500-square-foot smiling mug of Colonel Sanders yesterday, installed in the Nevada desert near Area 51 (of course). The icon has earned KFC the distinction of being the world’s first brand to be visible from space, made possible by some 50 designers, architects, engineers and astrophysicists who surprisingly didn’t have more pressing tasks to attend to.

(And to think: I spent my high-school, wonder-years, jes' a-slavin' away over a deep-fat fryer at - of all things - the competition: Church's Chicken... damn good spicy chicken, though - treif as hell, but good!)


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