Wednesday, November 15

Appeal to Israeli bloggers: Town hall meeting in Sderot (UPDATED)

(UPDATE) Thanks to all, like Yid With Lid, who are writing in. Keep those ideas coming, and I'll let you when and what develops. DB

In the wake of this morning's lethal Kassam rocket barrage in Sderot, and the lack of a coherent, effective, and ongoing Israeli government media response, not to mention the chronic under-coverage by international - and often local media, I am calling upon Israeli bloggers, and Israel's supporters abroad to work together as a non-partisan group to hold a town hall-style meeting in Sderot.

This meeting should include full, real-time video/audio/written/photographic coverage, as only the blogosphere knows how, including one-on-one and voxpop interviews, first and foremost with the beleaguered residents, on-the-scene analysis, and reax from local and national officials and experts.

I welcome thoughtful responses offering practical ideas for organization and content, underwriting, invitees, format, etc with an eye towards international coverage, and making it happen as soon as practical.

Sderot: Kassams kill woman, wound def. minister's guard

Sderot billboard: "Who's next in the lottery?" near site of
repeated Kassam rocket strikes. (Photo: Dave Bender)

Defense Minister Amir Peretz, are you hearing the message yet? (then again, maybe the shorthand use of "def" in the title really is the proper term...)

Westbankblog puts it best:

What Will The World Say When We Die?

We all know how apesh*t the world went when the IDF fired, by mistake, and killed Palestinian civilians in Beit Hanoun while targeting terrorists. What will the reaction be to a Jewish woman killed by Kassam rockets deliberately aimed at civilians?

Enraged? Hysterical? Upset? Concerned?

I doubt it.

Come on world, prove me wrong.

From Ynetnews:
Six rockets land in Western Negev Wednesday morning. One lands in busy street, kills woman and seriously wounds one of Amir Peretz's bodyguards. Locals call on government to 'wake up'. Islamic Jihad, Hamas both claim responsibility.

Sderot children donning protest ribbons at May 2006 protest tent
demanding effective government action against years of
Kassam rocket strikes. Meanwhile, the barrages continues.
(Photo: Dave Bender)

Sderot Mayor Eli Moyal at May press conference calling for a stronger
government response to the ongoing steel rain. (Video: Dave Bender)


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