Tuesday, October 31

Israel: Group therapy from Hell (Video)

...And you think you have problems?

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Lebanon: Gunners fired at Israeli overflights

Lebanese army anti-aircraft gunners reportedly fired at Israel Air Force warplanes during foray over south Lebanon

Ynet News:
Lebanese eyewitnesses: Israeli jets perform mock raids over Hizbullah stronghold of Dahiya in southern Beirut for first time since fighting ended in August; Israeli army says jets sent on recon-intel mission

United Nations peacekeepers, Lebanon: IAF overflights violate Security Council Resolution 1701

The Jerusalem Post:
Overflights come hours after UN envoy Terje Roed-Larsen tells Security Council that Lebanese government reported arms smuggling from Syria

The IAF sorties, which Israel says will continue, may well have been in response to an earlier, semi-satirical report:

HizbullahCo revamping biz model,
rejigs core industry

For extensive (and I do mean extensive) coverage and documentation of Hizbullah terror activities, including video evidence, click here.

Obligatory Borat post about Jews (Video? Sheesh. Of course there's video)

(Sigh) Must it come to this? To have become a mere flack for the masses, an unpaid viral promoter of the newest media shark-pool feeding frenzy?

Jewlicious has an outtake from the upcoming Borat flic, where Baron tries to adopts a dog, but first checks out it's "Jew hunting" potential.

The animal shelter employee's slapdown response to Cohen's request is great, as a change from others he "interviews" who come off looking like utter imbeciles - even if the are. But then again, I never liked "Candid Camera," or Israel's "Fisfoosim," either, for surreptitiously humiliating strangers for the vacuous, voyeuristic "entertainment" of the masses.

I'm funny like that.

JerusalemOnline news update: Oct. 31th (Video - Channel 2 TV)

Today's Headlines:
  • Katsav: High Court cannot suspend me
  • Cabinet votes to include Lieberman
  • Olmert: Israel to expand Gaza Operation
  • Special – A Piano in Wartime - click to watch


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