Wednesday, October 4

'Rejoice Over Jerusalem' (Photo)

Rejoice Over Jerusalem (Photo: Dave Bender)

A little* something for the upcoming Succot Feast of Tabernacles holiday.

Stayed up until 0300 getting this one, so I appreciate the second verse on the Psalm below; a view of Jerusalem looking north towards the Malcha Mall area (foreground) from the edge the southernmost neighborhood of Gilo (Gilo = rejoice in Hebrew).

Lots of Photoshop tweaking to cut through the late night dew, but still bring out the definition in the clouds, and, in general - clarify. Also, not to mention a quick (but friendly!) ID'ing by a police patrol wondering what - or who - I was REALLY trying to photograph, alone, so late at night... (good thing they're out there, though...)

And that asterik up there? Well, friends (smirking photographers out there already know what's coming and can jump ahead to the Psalm); did you know that a nine megapixel camera, photographing ONE photograph in RAW format, and then translated and saved on a computer in .TIFF format takes up a freakin' ONE. HUNDRED. AND. THREE. megapixels?!

That's per shot. I shot about 30 images to get that final one above. Save your applause; a bigger hard drive will do for now...


Rejoice with Jerusalem, be glad about her,
be glad all you that love her,
all who love her.

On your walls, Oh city of David
I have stationed watchmen,
all day and night.


Do not fear, my servant Jacob,
for your enemies shall be scattered before you.


Look about you and behold; see all
as they are all gathering and coming unto you.


And your people
are all holy
and forever shall inherit the land.


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Tel Aviv: Azrieli Towers at night (Photos)

These are the Azrieli Towers in Tel Aviv, nicely lit up in brilliant primary colors, akin to the square, triangle and circle primary shapes of the buildings themselves.

Make sure to click into the Flickr photos stream via the images to see hi-resolution views (tweaked with color correction, tonal range, sharpening and special sauce).

The rest of the portfolio is viewable via the Flickr badge at the upper left-hand side of the page.

Kudos, comments, critiques and blank checks gratefully accepted.

DSCF0209 1
(Photo: Dave Bender)
DSCF0221 1
(Photo: Dave Bender)
(Photo: Dave Bender)

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Who REALLY owns the Internet! (Flash)

This is a wickedly good, thoroughly worked-out site of CT&TCOM, talking about who REALLY owns the Internet.

(The Flash animations demand a broadband hookup, and turn on your speakers)


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