Thursday, September 21

'A Hard Rain's Gonna' Fall' - in Hebrew (Video)

Although I never, as a rule, watch American Idol, or its Israeli version, "Cochav Nolad," rules are made to be broken, and this time it was over nominee Maya Rothman's neat little Hebrew version of Dylan's 'A Hard Rain's Gonna' Fall.'

Noted lyricist, playwright and columnist Jonathon Gefen did the translation (not too shabby at'll...), and, and, umm... I have no idea who actually won the contest.

Ahh, what the hell. Enjoy this YouTube version via Danya via Israelity. Shana Tova!

Flagging support for Israeli charities after war

The war may be over, but the socioeconomic, psychological and emotional needs of thousands of Israelis countrywide remain dire, especially now, on the eve of Rosh Hashana. Help them start off the New Year better than the old one ended.

From the Support Israel site:

The "Support Israel" Flag is a special way to show your support to Israel during this difficult time. The flag is constructed of logos of the many organizations that support Israel through Hasbara (PR), Donations, Aliya, Education etc.

By clicking on the organizations' logos you can take a look at the websites,
learn about their activities and choose your preferred ways to help Israel.

By forwarding the Flag to your friends
, you show your support and help Israel reach as many supporters as possible. Our goal is 1 million supporters!

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JerusalemOnline news update: 00:00, Sept. 21th (Video - Channel 2 TV)

Today's Headlines:
  • Confidante of woman accusing President of rape describes ordeal
  • Protesters demand PM Olmert's resignation at stormy party gathering
  • Israelis in Thailand not worried, despite military overthrow
  • Fun video for Jewish mothers and wives - click to watch


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