Sunday, August 20

Cat-yusha blogging the war... (Photo)

Kitten on porch of Katyusha-damaged apartment building
in Nahariya (Photo: Dave Bender)

I took this photo of a kitten and flag at a house that was hit by a Katyusha. Get it?! This - of course - goes with this.

Ahh, some days I just slay me...

Ahem... Here's a more serious view of the damage. Note the pockmarked wall, door and shutters:

(Photo: Dave Bender)

Click on the image or here for more about this story, including a video clip, an on-site audio podcast and photos of residents.

Now that I've got your attention, here's a story from Ynet News about donating to Israel, a few donation sites to help Israel's northern residents get back on their feet, a story about buying (northern) Blue & White,

And, unfortunately, this:
The Royal Mail this week promised to launch an investigation after Totally Jewish discovered that donations sent from Jews in London to a charity in Israel were being daubed with swastikas en route to their destination.

Petition: UN Reparations for Israel Over Hizbullah War

For what it's worth:

To: United Nations

The Hezbollah War was brought on by a terrorist organization that hijacked the sovereign state of Lebanon, a member of the United Nations. Hezbollah, with the assistance of Iran and Syria, defied Security Council Resolution 1559 which, among other things, “Calls for the disbanding and disarmament of all Lebanese and non-Lebanese militias”.

Hezbollah launched this war against Israel, a democratic and sovereign state, and a member of the United Nations. Hezbollah is neither a state nor an official body belonging to one. Lebanon was to some degree an accomplice to its own loss of sovereignty by failing to act to protect it and failing to return to the Security Council for help. The UN Security Council failed to discharge its obligation. It allowed Hezbollah to entrench itself in Southern Lebanon and to spread its terror to the people of Lebanon.

Both Israel and Lebanon have suffered great loss of life as well as widespread physical damage as a result of this war started by Hezbollah. It is, therefore, incumbent upon the world community, which stood aside while Hezbollah armed and trained for war, to provide reparations for the damage and destruction brought on by the aggression which sprang from Lebanese territory. We therefore call upon that community to bear the cost of rebuilding Israel in addition to Lebanon. Israel, which had withdrawn from Lebanon some years ago, was forced to engage in a defensive war to save the lives of its citizens. We further call upon the world community, through the United Nations, to seek indemnification for the damages from Iran and Syria the controllers of Hezbollah.


The Undersigned

Unterested in joining them? Sign here. And do drop a comment below for or against
David's Tower, Old City of Jerusalem (Photo: Dave Bender)

Shabbat Shalom & have a great weekend. I;ll be back Saturday night IST

'I'm with stupid'

Note to those who (may) wonder why I post so many parodies, satirical takes, and editorial cartoons on the situation here (about 1/3 of the content, by my guesstimate):
  • Colleagues throughout the blogosphere - too many to mention, locally and abroad, but you all know who you/they are - already have first rate "think pieces."
  • When do they have the time to write all that?
  • I am in near-despair over the situation in the wake of the "cease-fire," etc, and have come to the conclusion that parody and satire often point to a deeper truth with verbal or visual shorthand.
  • Many other bloggers don't, no idea why.
  • What do you think? Leave a comment.


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