Sunday, August 13

Flat Fatima - Revolution In News Photography! (Parody)

Flat Fatima - Revolution In News Photography

Improve your war footage and get Pulitzer-winning dramatic pictures with the moaning Flat Fatima™. Her classic heartbreaking posture will easily manipulate audiences into forming the desired opinion on any conflict.
  • Laminated on 5mm thick corrugated plastic board
  • Water resistant, durable for short term outdoor use
  • Light weight, great for quick mounting in the ground
  • No Photoshop required!
  • Fits most popular models of travel bags.
  • Waist and up - $19.99

    Call now! Operators, stringers, fixers and activists are standing by!

The death of Fatima (roadkill in Nevada)

Note to Letterman: 'Abbagav' slams one outta' the park... (SATIRE)

Nasrallah's Top Ten Objections to the UN Delay-Fire Agreement:

  • The resolution doesn't mention disarming Israel of its Arrow anti-missile systems or the removal of American patriot batteries stationed in Occupied Palestine. Nor does it mention a freeze on all international funding supporting Israel's research on anti-missile lasers, systems that unfairly defend against the Iranian missiles that are Nasrallah's only realistic weapon against the Zionist Goliath.
  • Nasrallah still has a big backlog of photos he wants Reuters to run.
  • Still not happy with the so-called Blue Line, feels it should be redrawn along the Egyptian border.
  • The resolution identifies the Zionist entity by name.
  • Resolution mentions international compensation for damage to Lebanese infrastructure, but not for replacement of missiles destroyed by illegal Israeli incursions into sovereign Hizballah territory -- do you have any idea how much those things cost? And without compensation, it might be necessary to redirect other aid to "critical defense projects" in cooperation with the governments of Syria and Iran.
  • Gates of Hell not yet fully opened.
Go there and read the rest.

Palestinian nabbed at Prime Minister's Office with possible shoe bombs

Breaking news: Security detail at Prime Minister's office detains Palestinian youth over suspected shoe bomb (Israel Channel Ten TV 14:00 update).

The areas was immediately sealed off and sappers were brought in to detonate the footwear, suspected of containing explosive material. This report will be updated as more details become available.

From Ha'aretz:
At the time of the incident, journalists and camera teams were gathered near the entrance, waiting for the end of the cabinet meeting during which government ministers were to approve a UN cease-fire deal.
Meanwhile, elsewhere in Israel:

Graffiti: "Sharon wake up - Olmert is in a coma!"

Caption: "No additional words are required."

(Hat tip: Israel Matzav)

Shelter from the storms: With a Montrealer & Israelis in a Nahariya bomb shelter (Exclusive Podcasts)

Listen to what immigrant and former Montrealer Rivka Malka, confined to a bomb shelter for over a month straight due to unrelenting Hizbullah Katyusha rocket bombardment, has to say about what what she calls slanted media coverage of the situation of Israelis under the bombardment.

In another shelter nearby, Israelis Kinneret and Kobi say the living conditions are intolerable, but appreciate the assistance provided by individuals and groups like Chabad.

I interviewed the residents as part of a visit to several shelters by Chabad Lubavitch emissaries delivering food and gift packages to the beleaguered residents.

At the conclusion of the report, the donor of the hundreds of gifts, Bob Belt of New York (interviewed in previous podcasts), addressing the group, adds concluding thoughts about shared Jewish destiny with those in the shelters.

JerusalemOnline news update: 08:00, Aug. 13th (Video - Channel 2 TV)

  • Cease-fire expected to go into effect on Monday
  • Nasrallah accepts truce, will fight until IDF leaves
  • IDF troops advancing to Litani river
  • Seven soldiers killed in S. Lebanon clashes

Giving 'till it hurts: Wounded troops; crowded house in the bomb shelters (Exclusive Podcast, Video, Photos) UPDATED

UPDATE: Listen to this exclusive Podcast report from an overcrowded bomb shelter in Nahariya, protecting distressed adults, the elderly and young as Katyushas hammer into the vicinity.

Wounded IDF soldier with "tefillin" (phylacteries) and IV shunt
at Nahariya Hospital (Photo: Yossi Raichman)

American Chabad donor handing out gift packages to wounded soldiers
at Nahariya Hospital (Photo: Dave Bender)

Follow up to previous post:

Traveled across the north of Israel over the last few days with a group pf Chabad Lubavitch emmisaries delivering food and gift packages to residents, IDF soldiers at front line posts, and others wounded-in-action at Nahariya Hospital.

Video and audio clips are on the way. Please stop back later today (Sunday, Aug 13, 10:15 IST) to view, listen and learn.

(Full disclosure: I manage and edit the IsraelHomeFront site)

Artillery to the left'a me, Katyushas to the right - here I am, stuck in the middle of war (Exclusive Podcast)

Whew. Got back from the north a few days ago, and haven't had time to post a thing since last week - but - got tons of audio and video material now... and getting it up as fast as possible:

First up a brief chat with troops from a tank extrication unit smack up against the Lebanese border, as they performed maintenance work on the tread of a Merkava IV tank. Hizbullalaland is right past those concrete barriers on the ridge.

The volume is a bit choppy, since IDF artillery shelling at Hizbullah targets was pounding throughout the interview, and that kept redlining the automatic volume control.

And then the Katyushas and mortars started firing back... This one - of three, as far as we could tell from the smoke contrails, slammed down a few hundred yards from our vehicle as we left the army outpost. That's a Border Police vehicle pulling up to inspect the remains. There were no injuries or damage, except for a small grass fire, as you can see.


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