Sunday, August 6

This Just In: Desperate Lieberman Endorses Islamic Caliphate

In what his opponent called a “cynical last-ditch ploy” to win the August 8 Democrat senatorial primary, Sen. Joe Lieberman today endorsed the establishment of a Muslim caliphate and the creation of a vast Islamic homeland in the middle east, including the territory now occupied by the state of Israel.

The Connecticut senator, an historic ally of Israel and of the Bush administration’s war on Islamist terror, said he changed his views when he saw the latest poll that shows challenger Ned Lamont with a double-digit lead just days before the election.

“I declare that Israel has no right to exist,” said Sen. Lieberman, “and the United Nations should immediately recognize Usama Bin Laden as the sovereign ruler of all the land and people from Iran to Egypt.”

A unnamed source at the Democrat National Committee said he expects the race to tighten considerably now that voters must choose between two “party-line Democrats.”

Excellent roundtable talk on Israeli-Arab media coverage (Streaming Audio)

Fascinating roundtable discussion about (mainly) US media coverage of the mideast conflict streamed over at KRLA, LA:
On a Special Edition of Newsroom Confidential, a roundtable of journalists, PR experts, authors and diplomats discuss the current Middle East crisis and how the media are covering it.

  • Lenny Ben-David, former Deputy Chief of Mission for the Israeli Embassy in Washington D.C.
  • Naomi Ragen, author and columnist, based in Israel
  • Nonie Darwish, author and speaker, Arabs for Israel
  • Gary P. Ratner, Executive Director, Western Region of the American Jewish Congress
  • Simon Plosker, Senior Editor, Honest
  • Natalia Derevyanny, PR Expert, Chicago

    (Hat tip: Naomi Ragen)

JerusalemOnline news update: 08:00, Aug. 6 (Video - Channel 2 TV)

  • IDF Sgt. Or Shachar killed by Hezbollah fire a day before his 21st birthday
  • Israeli commandoes kill ten Hizbullah terrorists and destroy long-range missile launcher in Tyre
  • Agreement between US and France on cease-fire agreement


Anderson Cooper, Geraldo in Border Skirmish

Fears of a wider war in the Middle East were realized today as fighting broke out between CNN and Fox in southern Lebanon...

Read it all.

Snug Harbor & Jerusalem: Picture of the Week

Sent in by reader S.L.

Starting a new feature: Readers photo of the week.

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New blogger in the north: My sirens and hers

Got this note in over the weekend from Esther at "My Sabra Prickles:"

I'm a blogger from Shlomi (north of Naharia). I listening to your audiocast as the sirens wail on my computer I can also hear sirens wailing outside as my children sit in our security room.

I don't need to hear what it is really like up here but so many people do.

She has some great posts of life with family under fire. Go take a look. Esther - stay safe, and I hope and pray that your husband returns home safe and sound from reserve duty in Lebanon.


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