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Beit Kobi: Home for immigrant IDF soldiers

Once a "lone soldier," (a single immigrant to Israel doing their required IDF service) myself, I fully support this group and their operation:

Beit Kobie is a non-profit foundation that has been formed in remembrance of Sgt. Kobie Ichelboim, a commander and a fighter in the IDF who was killed on March 10, 2002, in active duty, near Nezarim in the Gaza Strip.

The IDF was created in order to defend the state of Israel and its citizens. Besides this obligation, the IDF became a central adhesive in the Israeli society and assumed social tasks such as receiving new immigrants.

Beit Kobie provides a home and family for lone soldiers serving in the IDF.

Please donate or help out whatever way you can:

Beit Kobie
(registered friendly society # 58-039-424-5)
45 Sheinkin st., P.O.Box 45, Givatayim 53111.
Phone: 972-3-5732216 , Fax: 972-3-5732210 , Mobile: 972-53-730837
Web Site:

Israel & Hizbullah: Krauthammer slams one out of the park (Op-ed)

Charles Krauthammer:
'Israel's moral scrupulousness is being paid in blood — and yet they're still branded as evil personified'

"...Israel's response to Hezbollah has been to use the most precise weaponry and targeting it can. It has no interest, no desire to kill Lebanese civilians. Does anyone imagine that it could not have leveled south Lebanon, to say nothing of Beirut? Instead, in the bitter fight against Hezbollah in south Lebanon, it has repeatedly dropped leaflets, issued warnings, sent messages by radio and even phone text to Lebanese villagers to evacuate so that they would not be harmed."

Read it all.

Intel's 'Core 2 Duo,' Israel and heroic freakin' geeks

We cannot lose with this kind of dedication to purpose, this kind of international support, and yes: this kind of Israeli geekdom:

Intel's much heralded "Core 2 Duo" processor was introduced over the last few days. As if writing posts like this on a Dell-E1505 with an ole-fashioned "Core Duo" wasn't fast enough...
Intel had been falling behind rival AMD over the past couple of years, both in processor speed and in power consumption. The only bright spot was the Pentium M, which was designed in Intel's Haifa labs.

Intel is now betting the company on the same wizards who designed the Pentium M, and from early reviews, the new architecture out of Israel appears to blow AMD and all other competitors away.

More amazing is that Intel's Haifa workers have remained on the job continuously even while under constant rocket bombardment. Some worked from home, some worked from bomb shelters with Wi-Fi connections, but all of them continued to work with no loss of productivity.

Intel never explicitly trumpets Israel as the source of its innovations, but a small acknowledgment comes from the name of the laptop version of this chip: Merom, named after a lake in Israel during Biblical times.
From the JPost:
"Output has not been affected by the violence," said Koby Bachar, spokesman for Intel Israel. "The factory is still open although some of our employees are working from home and connecting to our server from there [as a result of the situation]."

Similarly, the city as a whole, which is renowned for its concentration of R&D and engineering activity, continues to work despite the attacks.

Yitshak Apeloig, president of the Haifa Technion, Israel's major science and engineering school, said the city's R&D activity was still functioning with approximately 75% of workers still attending work and many working from home."

When the 1973 Yom Kippur War erupted, the Israeli army asked a couple of Technion professors to come up with a way to scramble the guidance systems of incoming Russian-made missiles that were pummeling some towns, Technion spokesman Amos Levav said during an interview at the campus two weeks ago. The mission was accomplished in a couple of days.

(Note to those offended by the term "geek, geekdom," etc: please allow me a moment to remove my eyeglasses before you take that well-earned swing...)

(Hat tip: Elder of Ziyon)

'Hazak V'amatz, Be Strong - Be Brave' (Zionist Plugola)

Jewsy Couture, a Cafe Press shop is flogging the "Hazak V'amatz, " "Be Strong - Be Brave," tee-shirts, From their webpage they offer:

"special merchandise in support of Israel and from now until August 7th, we would like to donate all profits from these particular goods to the Israeli Red Cross. We have a t-shirt, a sweatshirt, a hoodie, button packs, and magnet packs at reduced prices to encourage everyone to show their solidarity with Israel during this difficult time. Please help us spread the word.

Meryl Yourish sez' the company's owners are "job-hunting at the moment, so this is a pretty big gesture when they could use the money themselves."

Like she sez,' Check it out.

Just how much of Beirut has the IDF demolished? (Map)

The scenes of devastation by the IDF in Beirut and southern Lebanon are awful, the loss of innocent life among non-combatants deeply regretted by Israel and Israelis of all political stripes.

But here's a map showing exactly just how much Israeli air force jets and offshore naval barrages toppled in the Lebanese capital (hint: you'll have to look real, real close):

Hat tip: Vital Perspective and Serandez)

American-born, Israeli musician, IDF artilleryman on northern border (Music)

Eli Deutsch
A Soldier:
American-born IDF artillery corps soldier
Elie Deutsch serves in a religious Hesder unit that is currently stationed on the northern border of Israel.

A Song:
Elie, a budding musician, is working on his first Jewish music album. Elie’s music career has taken a backseat to his National obligations since his army discharge has been indefinitely delayed due to the current military situation.

A Project:
By “selling” a downloadable audio album with Elie’s music and conversation clips, we will direct the proceeds to assist the people who need it the most; residents of the north and our weary soldiers, while promoting the career of one of “our own” dedicated IDF soldiers in the process.

Your $10 payment entitles you to download a zipped audio file that includes 5 songs from IDF soldier/musician Elie Deutsch's album-in-progress. The file also includes clips from conversations recorded by Elie and his army friends, who are currently fighting in an artillery unit on the Northern Front.

Go to the site, listen to the clips, and do your part!

(Hat tip: Meryl Yourish)


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