Tuesday, July 25

IMPORTANT: Toy Drive for Israeli kids in hospitals, shelters (UPDATED)

Here's a way to help children in hospitals and bomb shelters in northern Israel:
As the owner of www.toystore.co.il I am leading my own personal campaign to send thousands of dollars worth of toys to the children of Northern Israel. Instead of enjoying themselves in summer camp, the Israeli children living in Northern Israel are currently spending long tense days in their local bomb shelters. There is a huge need for toys and games to keep them occupied.
As of Friday, July 22, we have distributed over $12,000 of toys. Some of the recipients of our donations have been Rivka Ziv Hospital in Safed (Tsfat), city wide Community Centers in Safed, the Merom HaGalil Regional Council (who has distributed to their 24 towns and villages), and city wide Community Centers in Tiberias.
Read more - and please do buy Blue & White: Here, here, here, here, here (Yes. I like toys. You got a problem with that?) and there are certainly plenty of "Google-able " others...

(Hat tip: Carl at Israel Matzav)

UPDATE: And since we're talking about kids and hospitals, Chani over at Torah.org, notes that they're launching a new "Prayer for Israel" campaign to get people praying and learning for the wounded and ill. So - whatever and wherever you believe - do put in a good word for us with the senior management, for your sake as well as ours.

But wait - Don't touch that dial! There's even more! They're giving out prizes to the bloggers in random drawings, and they'll link to everyone who joins, too!

Now. All please rise and intone after me: "They tried to kill us, We won, Let's eat."

Pundit Review Radio Interview (Permalink)

Blogging will be light for the next 48 hours, due to several projects I'm working on concurrently. More about them in coming days. Good stuff.
  • In the meatime, here's a video of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert addressing surpporters of Israel.
  • Here's the permalink to my interview on Pundit Review Radio early Monday morning. These Bahs-tonians - and their listeners are folks worth paying attention to.
  • A heads-up from Soccer Dad, who's hosting the next edition of Hevel Havelim on July 30 - so get them entries over to him ASAP...
  • PajamasMedia has an great roundup of events near and far (thanks for the origami link post, guys - I couldn't believe it either...)
  • Slate has the ultimate Middle East "Buddies List."
  • Abbagav has a solid takedown on spun media coverage of the IDF deconstruction of Lebanon.
  • IDF tankers? Toodle along the bucolic highways and byways of southern Lebanon, via this useful map, just don't expect too many HoJos or rest stops along the way. Good Hizbullah hunting.
  • And finally, speaking of maps Truth Laid Bear has a most excellent live (any more live, and it would jump through your screen) map of bloggers in the area.


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