Monday, July 24

This Just In: Jews, Arabs in int'l origami parley near Gaza. Really.

Machine gun
In radio broadcasting, too-surreal-too-believe stories like the following are often referred to as an, "...and finally," as in a final oddity mentioned at the end of the news report, to lighten the usually grim mood:

Origami tank and driver

Days of peace in Kibbutz Zeelim in Eschol regional council:

Jewish and Arab people will be preparing artistic paper folding models side by side in an International Origami conference taking place in Kibbutz Zeelim from July 26th.

On Wednesday July 26th an international Origami conference will begin in Kibbutz Zeelim in Eschol regional council. During this conference Jews and Arabs will participate side by side and for 4 days will be creating special artistic paper folders in the "Origami magic inspired by desert magic" conference.

The conference will include paper folding workshops and an exhibition featuring special paper folding models. The conference will be hosting two worldwide known paper folding artists:

· Mr. John Montrol U.S.A which has written over 20 Origami books including complicated paper folding insects and animals models without using glue or scissors.

· Mr. Paul Jackson- An international Origami artist and master which has written over 26 Origami books that have been published in over one million copies and translated to many languages.

The conference will be open from July 26th until July 29th, during these days the exhibition will be open freely for the public and will include paper folding models and Origami books sales. This is an extraordinary opportunity to get acquainted with this unique art. The conference will also include workshops for the general public enabling everyone to experience paper folding.

The conference participants and visitors will be offered accommodation in Kibbutz Zeelim's guesthouse and other settling populations in the area. This is a great opportunity to combine between a visit in the conference and exhibition and the wide variety of family attractions the Habsor district can offer:

A tractor ride, wildlife reserve, "Hamam Zeelim" including a pool and Jacuzzi with termomineral natural water and dried sauna, Spa treatments, a tour to Israel's longest rope bridge above the Habsor stream, Bedouin tent and many more.

For further information regarding accommodation, attractions, and restaurants please visit the following web site:, for further details about the Origami conference:,

Origami rocket

...and who knows, the damn things might even work...

Meanwhile, for the as-yet-origami-challenged, from Haaretz:

An Israel Defense Forces shell landed near a crowd of people in the northern Gaza Strip town of Beit Lahiya on Monday, killing at least two people, Palestinian hospital officials said.

An IDF spokeswoman said she was checking the report.

Earlier Monday, an Israel Air Force helicopter fired a missile at a two-story house at the entrance to the Shati refugee camp next to Gaza City, causing damage but no casualties, Palestinians said.

A Qassam rocket fired from the Gaza Strip landed in the western Negev town of Sderot on Monday. No injuries or damage were reported.

Sparks fly when pro-Israeli attends anti-Israel rally (Editorial cartoon - Video)

Signs of the Times (Cox & Forkum)

Parody and editorial exagguration, right?


From Solomonia:
This past Friday, the Muslim American Society held their "Justice for Palestine and Lebanon Protest" at Boston's City Hall Plaza referred to at the end of this post. The Boston Globe has its report here: Muslims, Christians protest bombardment of Lebanon

Oh, but that's not the full story. No, no, my friends. You see, freelance operative Seva Brodsky was in the house, camera in hand -- and there was much jostling, grabbing, profanity and threats of violence directed toward our intrepid defender of Israel and America. The remainder of this post is either submitted by, or based on descriptions from, Seva. The pictures and video are his. Any asides from me are placed in brackets, Mr. Brodsky's submission is below in pull-quote format.

Read it all.

'Day By Day:' Israel & Hizbullah (Editorial Cartoon)

Talking Israel on Punditreview Radio - Incredible show (Podcast)

Just finished an invigorating 45 minute live-on-air web/broadcast interview with these guys:

(Kevin Whalen and Gregg Jackson)

of Punditreview Radio on AM680 WRKO, Boston’s Talk Leader. Thanks guys - you were phenomenal hosts, and worth getting up at 3 AM for. Too bad I had my alarm set for 4 AM... (no, no, it's ok. Really! I was getting up to answer the phone anyway, when you called...)

A big shoutout to Boston-area listeners Frank, Tom and Joel who called in with thoughtful questions about the situation here (and here I wuz,' x-pectin' RANTERS!), and bloggers "warsaw44," and "Jason" who clicked through to my blog during the show with comments:
"warsaw44 (39 minutes ago)
Great slide show, Dave. I'm listening to you on WRKO right now. Glad I listened in as I'd never have found your blog and vids."
"Jason has left a new comment on your post "A Little Good News Today (UPDATED)":

"Just gave a hundred bucks to FIDF [Friends of the IDF]. Do you need help getting the word out?"
Jason, that's just what we - you, warsaw44, the callers, Greg and Kevin and anyone else stopping by here are doing to assist Israel in these difficult hours. I am certain your donation is greatly appreciated. I'm certainly flattered that our discussion about events here prompted you to do it.

Howz' about it, readers? More donation pages and ways to aid Israel are here, here and here.

Jeez, how I miss doing live American radio (sigh). I got my start right out of high school at "Mighty 90," KPFT 90.1 listener-sponsored "peace, love, and fellow third-worlders unite" radio in Houston. Way back then in geologic time, I was producing "Embrace The Earth " (tree-huggers) and "What's Nu" Jewish-Israeli affairs... Little did I - or the station and its listenership know that years down the road... well, look where I got to, ma!

"Pundit Review Radio is where the old media meets the new. Each week Kevin and Gregg give voice to the work of the most influential leaders in the new media/citizen journalist revolution. Hailed as “Groundbreaking” by Talkers Magazine, this unique show brings the best of the blogs to your radio every Sunday evening from 7-10 pm EST on AM680 WRKO, Boston’s Talk Leader."

The program will be archived and available for listening - check back here on Tuesday for the direct link.

UPDATE: Ahh, 5:15 AM and the birdies are a-twitterin' away here in Jerusalem and the caffiene jolt is softening. A bit. Time for packing in a solid 15 minutes nap before I haveta' get up...

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