Thursday, July 20

UK 'Guardian' joins 'Washington Post' in slandering Israel (UPDATE)

Adloyada on what the British public is seeing and reading about what Israel is doing in Lebanon - via the above truly malevolent editorial catoon in the Guardian:

"Yesterday, I posted about how Nick Garland's Daily Telegraph cartoon invoked traditional stereotypes of Jews as cruel abusers of innocent children, whilst sanitising Hezbollah as no worse than a naughty boy prince with only toy weapons.

"I've always found Martin Rowson's cartoons repulsive..."

No doubt Mr. Rowson would appreciate your cool-headed, brief, artistic critique, much like Mr. Co-hen in the Washington Post on Israel's mistaken existence.

"Via Tom Gross from Larry M, here's an image of what's in [Hezbollah's] rockets:


"And in case you think those ball bearings are just little wasp stings, here's what they do to the body of a car:


"I'll leave you to use your imagination about what they might do to the Israelis they hit-- say like a defenceless pair of Israeli Arab children."

She's good. Read it all.

UPDATE (Hat tip to My Right Word):

Corrections and clarifications
Thursday July 20, 2006

The Guardian

Yesterday's cartoon on page 29 (Comment) portrayed Israeli military action in Lebanon in the form of a mailed fist with Stars of David as knuckle-dusters. By failing to identify them in a specifically Israeli form - such as in the colours of the flag - the point the cartoon was making might have been interpreted as implicating Judaism rather than the Israeli government in the present conflict. That was not the intention, and we are sorry if anyone saw it that way.

Donating to Israel in the US, Canada (Cities list)

The following is a list of federations collecting donations for those affected by the ongoing crisis in Israel. Funds will be consolidated by UJC and then distributed overseas.

Click here or on the image and go to the city
of your choice for their donation page.

UJC has initiated a $1 million Israel emergency campaign designed to raise fund to send children living in Israel's north to Summer camps far from the military action. The Friends of the Israel Defense Forces has initiated a campaign to raise money that will provide personal care packages for the soldiers and for those injured. Jewish National Fund / Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael is raising money to send Israeli children who have been cooped up in bomb shelters to its summer camps in central Israel.

UJF is accepting donations for these emergency campaigns. 100% of your donation will be sent directly to the organization of your choice. If no designation is made, we will divide your gift equally.

Urgent: appeal: Volunteers to Tzfat by Shabbat

This is a public service message for anyone here in Israel, and supporters abroad:

"Livnot U'Lehibanot connects unaffiliated young Jewish adults to their community and heritage. In a non-judgmental, physically and spiritually challenging environment, participants strengthen their Jewish identity through study, exploring the Land of Israel and community service."

They are urgently seeking former alumni (I'm from semester #3) and others who would like to come to Tzfat and assist them:

Let's get together a group, rent a minibus, go up and help out - and enjoy a Shabbat exclusively available in Tzfat - war or no damn war.

This is included 24/7, free of charge in the visit:

More pics here. Thanks, Lee. More stunning Tzfat photos.

Any takers? Email me or call me 972 505 797 234. Now. Any donors/donations to help defray the cost of the bus (several hundred shekels) would be greatly appreciated. Send them to Yonah, who's organizing the trip: 972-52-569-8118.

The appeal:

We are looking for volunteers to come to Tzfat….now.

As you are aware, Tzfat is one of the many northern communities under siege by the continuous rockets attacks.

The city is far from a ghost town though, as hundreds if not thousands of families have remained in Tzfat, spending the majority of their days and nights in bomb shelters located across the city.

To no one’s surprise, Livnot is intimately involved in the relief effort, as the local municipality and its services cannot possibly accommodate all the urgent needs of the community. The Livnot campus is currently being used by army officers being housed in Tzfat on an emergency basis. (Please see the attached letter from one of the officers.) In addition, members of the Botzer family are preparing and serving meals to as many people as they can who are living in bomb shelters.

There is so much more work to be done for these families including: preparing and serving meals, helping out with elderly citizens who are on their own, playing with children, and whatever else needs to be done.

I want you to know upfront that rockets have landed in the vicinity of the Livnot campus. We cannot guarantee anyone’s safety. What we can promise is that you would play a huge role in serving the people of Tzfat and all of Am Yisrael in a time of need. You will have a place to stay on the Livnot campus, your meals will be taken care of, and we will set you up for Shabbat.

In addition, a good friend of Livnot and a well-known figure in the American Jewish world, Rabbi Avi Weiss from Riverdale, NY, is going to be with us for Shabbat. We are planning a special Kabbalat Shabbat on the terrace of Livnot, and meals together.

We’d be happy to see people start showing up as early as tomorrow. The more volunteers who come up, the bigger impact we can have on the families who have no place else to turn. If you are interested, please call Yonah at 052-568-8118 to make arrangements.

There are Egged busses running to Tzfat. From Jerusalem to Tzfat, there are weekday busses at 9am, 1pm and 5pm, and on Friday at 9am and 1pm. From other locations, call Egged at 03/ 694-8888 [and *2800].

Yours truly,

The door is open. You just have to walk in.

Ziggy Marley still due for Israel show

Ziggy Marley will be performing next week despite the fighting in the north and despite the marijuana and hash draught. Bet he has a good hook up in Tel Aviv. His original venue was Achziv beach just south of Nahariya, so they ended up moving it to Ra'anana. Major respect for him coming.

(Hat tip: Harry at The View From Here)

Yourish is so full of it

Excellent posts, that is, for my first-coffee-of-the-morning blogreading. A few good analysis items, as well.

Her brother-in-law Menachem, residing in Bet Shemesh chimes in with an interesting local POV on "the situation."

And I sure hope she gets that job. (I am so there, and am looking for a full-time radio/writing gig as well). Drop a comment or email for my CV.


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