Friday, July 7

Picturing Jerusalem (Original Photos)

(Thanks to the two previous posts, I'm in a visual mood as Friday draws to a close, and Shabbat fast approaches. Click pics for larger images.)

Patience & Change - Jerusalem 2005 (Dave Bender)
Delight lies at the core of heart and mind.

Deep within a father's soul, even the father who's face is stern and heart is cold, yet without doubt there lies the spark of the child, his innermost delight.

Within the child the spark lies as well, perhaps more dormant, quieter, without a flicker, yet there.

The Master of All Things sits in judgment over His world, awaiting the moment His children will call Him 'Father.'

(Courtesy: Chabad)

Jerusalem Sunset - 2005 (Dave Bender)

Picturing Jerusalem - 2005 (Dave Bender)

Shabbat Shalom. See you Saturday night.

Stunning original views of Israel (Photo essay)

Gilad Benari is, as far as I've seen, a stunningly original photographer covering Israel.

It's not the usual touristy stuff, or, "If it bleeds, it leads," pornojournalism, either.

Damn, I wish I had his skill and setup...

To see his work, go here, click on one of the packages, and the file will download, opening in PowerPoint (3.7 meg - no viruses or advert/spyware, as far as AVG antivirus and Adaware tell me).

(And, nope, I don't know him, and this isn't viral marketing)

Any of you out there think you've got really good content about Israel? Drop me a note, and I'll consider posting a link.

Oh, and Shabbat Shalom.

Navy jets arc over Lower Manhattan, as carrier trawls the East River (Photo slide show)

You must check out these hi-rez images of a Memorial Day airshow over Manhattan Island.

Breathtaking stuff...

Yeah, yeah, I know you're already fulminatin', "But this isn't about Israel!" But the views. Geez!


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