Thursday, June 15

Israel FM spokesman on Gaza chaos: Extremists uninterested in Pals' well-being (Podcast)

Entrance sign to Karni crossing, 'back-to-back' transfer of goods between Israeli and Palestinian loading bays. (Dave Bender)

On a recent visit to the Karni goods and cargo crossing point between Israel and the Gaza Strip, I asked Foreign Ministry spokesman Mark Regev for his
response to an Israeli Air Force strike that killed a busload of Islamic Jihad terrorists, foiling the firing of a barrage of 20-plus kilometer range Katyusha missiles into Israel, but that also killed and wounded several dozen Palestinians gathered around the smoking wreckage of the first vehicle.

At Level Ground Podcasts now at 'Odeo'

Just finishing porting the first podcasts over to Odeo from Tripod (which will likely remain an archive). Go take a listen, if you haven't heard them yet. There are also pictures and video of the podcast content: scroll further down. Drop me a line with feedback about how they sound, content.

New audio gets posted on the top right side of the page, just under the email list sign-ups. So, sign-up and listen. In the immortal words of the legendary Gashash Hachiver
comedy trio: "Amru li lis-ten! Oz lisanu... (they told me - transliterated - lis-ten. So I lis-tened...).

Just came across this
Jewish Arts and Culture blog. Looks interesting, but they seem to have a slow server (or I'm just up waaay too late), so I can't get to most pages. Go take a look. Come back here, and we can discuss it among ourselves.

Any other really - but really good blogs/pocasts/vlogs you know about? Let me know.

Oh, wait!
Here's one now:

"(2006-06-07) — In what may be a major
breakthrough in stalled talks over Iran’s uranium enrichment program, the United States has reportedly offered to give long-range nuclear weapons to the Islamic Republic in exchange for assurances that it will soon stop production of nuclear material."


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