Tuesday, June 13

Sderot Mayor on Kassam barrage: "We stopped counting"

Sderot Mayor Eli Moyal talks about what the constant barrage of Kassam rockets has done to his town, its residents, and demands that the government take action.

Sderot: Coping with Kassam-terrorized kids

Interview with Israeli 19-year-old National Service youth counselor about coping with Sderot's children, terrorized by near-nonstop barrages of Kassam rocket attacks against their town. First of a series.

Gaza blast probe nixes IDF shelling allegation (update)

Ok. Lets's have a show of hands, all you out there who saw this one coming...

"An Israel Defense Forces committee investigating the deaths of seven Palestinians at a Gaza beach last Friday is close to concluding that the IDF was not responsible.

"Its tentative conclusion is that the deaths stemmed from a bomb that Hamas planted on the beach in order to ambush Israeli naval commandos operating in northern Gaza."


Personally speaking, after two decades serving as forward recon in a IDF reserve 155mm towed Howitzer unit - that's one of our guns up there, that I caught at the instant it fired - all the Palestinian reports seemed more and more unconvincing, especially the testimony of one supposed "eyewitness" on the beach who alleged that he actually saw the shell coming while it was still in flight.

Mighty good eyesight, you got there, fella, especially since such shells travel at several times the speed of sound. See any shell in that image?

Oh, and thanks once again to the IDF Spokesman's Office, the Prime Minister's Office and the host of
sychophantic mea maxima culpa idjits who beat the Palestinians to the punch in blaming ourselves.


Now, go convince the world that, no, Israel is innocent of the family's death.


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