Saturday, October 9

Hebron. Jewish child with memorial candles at the Tomb of the Patriarchs complex.
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"Absolut Hebron" Visited with Mazal and Avner , this rubble-strewn hole near the city's Jewish area was a dead-ringer for the Absolut Vodka bottle ad campaign.
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The "Anaconda" at the Tel Aviv "Lunapark" fairgrounds. End of Summer, 2004 with the kids. No. I didn't go on it... that's what I have kids for.
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Summer sunset in Jerusalem looking east towards the Nachalot neighborhood.
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Back at the blog

After a several month hiatus, I'm back at blogging, and will be showing off the latest pics taken with a Fuji S5000 I recently purchased, as well as getting back up to speed with writing. Much news around here; at home and in Israel. More on that in coming days...

Here are a few recent images for your dining and dancing pleasure.


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